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Winter property viewings

Winter has certainly arrived across Europe and as usual it is always on time, sometimes ahead of schedule. However do not allow the winter months to stop you from visiting properties in France. On the contrary, there is a lot to learn from viewing a property over winter and it can also be a very… Read more »

How to make the best deals in France

However the prices should remain stable for 2016. Because… Interests rates in France are at their lowest. (2% fixed rate for 15 years, 2.3% fixed rate for 20 years, 2.6% fixed rate for 25 years) According to the mortgage broker ACE 0% interest rate mortgage extended to zone C for 1st french time buyers on… Read more »

A fairy-tale in the Loire

When asked if I would like to compile a small article on the region I have lived in for the last 12 years I jumped at the chance, that was back in January and given a deadline of June I naturally left it aside and thought I would deal with that later. When it came… Read more »

Gironde department

Bordeaux is reknowned all around the world for its wine, with famous appellations including Pessac Léognan, Pomerol, Pauillac, St Emilion, Fronsac and many others. Once you pass the border of the Gironde, you enter into a world of grapes and vineyards. An entire department dedicated to wine with properties of all size, from the magnificent… Read more »

Charente Maritime

Charente Maritime – beautiful beaches and so much more Taking its name from the Charente River and the coastal area, the Charente Maritime is best known for its many miles (nearly 300) of sandy beaches with charming islands, picturesque towns and villages, and fantastic food. It is considered the second sunniest place in France (only… Read more »

Finance your home in France

France’s lending system is very different than the UK’s system. There is no credit scoring data so applications are assessed on proof of income and whether the borrowers meet the local criteria. The key criteria is the debt to income ratio (taux de endettement). It must not be over 33% (although it needs to be… Read more »

Considering woking in real-estate

Working in real estate in France is not as complex as one would expect, that is if you decide to work for an established agency.  Setting up your own agency is a very different matter due to the firmly regulated industry whereby one would require the necessary competencies in order to obtain the license called the “carte… Read more »

Why the Gers ?

Why the Gers? Taking its name from the river that runs through it, the Gers is an area of natural beauty known as French Tuscany.  It has a huge and diverse array of assets, some immediately obvious (rolling hills, vineyards, sunflowers, great climate, Pyrenees views), and others more subtle (welcoming locals, hearty food, Gascon culture and… Read more »

Castles in SW France

Ever thought of owning a historic monument in France? You may think that the idea of owning a castle in France is a far-off dream for many homebuyers, however this dream has become a reality for many this year in southwest France and one that is more achievable than you might think. France is fortunate… Read more »

Tour de France

The 102nd Tour de France is just around the corner taking us as every year through the diverse and stunning landscapes of France in the height of the summer sun. For three weeks, from the 4th – 26th July, France’s beautiful countryside is on spotlight on TVs around the world. Crowds will gather for this… Read more »