Portrait of a man of character

Fabien Sirven

Sales Advisor and in charge of various missions including team coaching and training
Fabien 2

How did I get into real estate?

I went to Paris to study at business school. At the end of my studies I started my working life in the pharmaceutical industry where I held various positions with commercial dominance in several different structures (SMEs, large international groups). It is here that I acquired solid experience in BtoB (business to business) sales. After a few years, I met my daughter’s mother and decided to return to the Aveyron to start my family. I took this opportunity to create my first business which was in swimming pool sales. Here I acquired solid sales experience in BtoC (business to consumer), especially by meeting Jean-Stéphane Vilain for his swimming pool project. I became tired of this business and I then created a second business in events management. It was a failure! Then one morning whilst I was at the market I bumped into Jean-Stéphane once again. I explained to him how I wanted to get back on my feet again. From this impromptu meeting came the fruit of a long collaboration.

How long have you been working for Selection Habitat and why?

This year I celebrate 10 years of working at Selection Habitat.  What motivates me on a daily basis is the working atmosphere instilled by the director, the company’s ongoing development, the market positioning of the company and the permanent investment policies. Right now I feel like my first day at the company was only yesterday. I am beginning to sound like an old veteran.

My evolution at Selection Habitat

I started as a negotiator for the urban brand Selection Immobilier in Rodez centre. Having proved myself in this field I started working for the rural brand Selection Habitat selling character houses on the Lévezou and then the Marcillac valley and Decazeville.  I then started coaching the urban sales team in Rodez and then the rural sales team and now also coaching the sales teams in the town of Millau and its countryside. Maybe one day I will take on board a geographical sector for the brand Hamiton which is our prestige brand selling châteaux and character domains. What I have gained from my evolution within the company are via the various collaborations with our clients, our partners and our internal teams.

Sales Advisor at Selection Habitat

What we sell on a daily basis are not simply character homes but lifetime projects. For us it is a sales contract but for our clients it is a total change in their lives, their habits and their environment for their children. And we owe it to ourselves to advise them, to accompany them the best we possibly can in their new life plan. It’s the same with our teams, the sales advisors who embark on a collaboration with Selection Habitat start a new professional life project (personal lives are also impacted by this very demanding job) and we must also accompany them so that they can flourish within the company and that the collaboration lasts a very long time.

Contrary to the image often perceived by the public, being a real estate agent for me is the most difficult and most interesting profession that I have undertaken in my professional sales career.

Fabien Sirven




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