Coup de Coeur ! Story about The House in Montmaur (France)

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I passed by the house regularly and noticed the nice proportions of the building. Amazed by its authentic state and pretty views over the green surrounding hills, I could not control my curiousity anymore, gathered my courage and rang at the beautiful old front door.

A very friendly Monsieur opened. While telling him the purpose of my visit I could peep through the front door into the corridor into the house. My heart jumped a little when I realized what a fortunate stroke of serendipity this house was by looking at the pretty cement tiles and large wooden doors. Not at all spoiled by cheap mid last century renovations.

I had freshly joined the Selection Habitat crew in October 2014 when I listed this very nice Maison de Maître in a village only 5 km from mine. Jean-Stéphane Vilain, our Manager, came over to hold my hand, and listed the Montmaur Manor house as it was my première! I remember that we took on board 4 houses that day however this one was clearly the special one.

It took me almost 2 years and many many viewings when finally, in June 2015, I met Chad and Nicole Montgomery. They had made an appointment for another similar Maison de Maître that did not suit them. I took them, over meandering roads, to “The House in Montmaur”. Now, years after we still meet regularly and Nicole tells us that she knew at the precise moment when she walked up the stairs and through the front door that this was “The One”.

Talking of moments, this sure was a special one. Like a rainbow suddenly appearing in the grey sky. Like falling in love. Even the owners of the house who lived in it for over 25 years and raised their children in it realized at that same instant when they saw Nicole climbing up the stairs that this was going to be it. That this was the moment when they were going to sell their family home. The ‘coup de coeur‘. Nothing had been said yet. Chad and Nicole took me aside in the garden and told me what everyone present already knew, that they wanted the house. It all went so fast that I asked them, while looking them straight in the eyes, ‘are you really sure'?  It was such a significant moment that the owners who were in the kitchen at the time became emotional. I went to see them and check if they were still certain that they wanted to sell their house. The rest is history….

Now, in 2019 the house has been entirely renovated, and Nicole being a designer has managed to keep the authenticity of the house intact and has brought back to life even more of its traditional details.

Nathalie Van Veenendaal

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  1. Ron

    Lovely article! It is a lovely house and having visited, I can say that Nicole and Chad have done a wonderful job of personalizing the property while maintaining its charm and character.


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